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Class IV Laser Therapy in Jacksonville Beach

Joint & Muscle Pain Relief

Our office in Jacksonville Beach uses safe and painless high intensity laser therapy to trigger a number of functions of healing at the cellular level. These include improving circulation, which boosts your immune response and stimulates healthy healing of injured or damaged tissue. Laser therapy uses a scientific method called photobiomodulation to achieve these cell-level changes.

Class IV laser therapy is non-invasive. Furthermore, therapeutic treatment laser therapy does not burn or cut through the skin because the action is photochemical, not thermal like surgical lasers. In fact, most patients enjoy the mild heating of the laser. After a treatment, you will likely begin seeing positive effects almost instantaneously. However, we recommend more than one visit for long-term pain relief and injury healing.

performing laser therapy over a knee

Class IV Laser Difference

At Twin Waves Chiropractic & Wellness, our Class IV laser delivers much more energy dosage than other lasers; this provides patients a much faster recovery with our treatments compared to other low level or cold lasers. Our laser delivers 100 times more energy per minute than the strongest low-level cold laser. Patients love the heating side effect that is generated from the high intensity laser energy. Additionally, our laser system also creates much more tissue penetration which allows for effective results with even the deepest and most difficult to treat conditions. High Intensity laser therapy has been shown to:


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improve range of motion

reduce pain and resolve inflammation

stimulate healthy healing of injured or damaged tissue

improves circulation, which boosts your immune response

comparing depth of treatment between class iii and class iv laser light therapy in human tissue

The most beneficial use for Class IV laser therapy is pain relief. Using laser treatments, we can offer pain relief for inflammatory conditions, such as muscle spasms, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and bursitis. We also use this treatment for damaged ligament pain relief. If you suffer from a connective tissue disorder or injury, such as tendonitis, myofasciitis, radicular pain, sprains, or effusion, we can use laser treatments for tissue healing as well. Call today about getting rid of your pain!

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