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Acupuncture in Jacksonville Beach

An Alternative Approach to Pain Relief

Acupuncture is an Eastern Medicine Treatment which includes the placement of fine needles to specific points in the body to help with the movement of the body’s vital energy, or “qi” (pronounced “chi”). Acupuncture can help with acute (or recent) conditions as well as with chronic issues. Acupuncture is a great alternative treatment to help you reach your wellness goals.

Dr. Prado places special emphasis on the musculoskeletal branch of acupuncture, which means she is expertly trained in getting you out of pain. Our acupuncture program integrates eastern medicine with the newest western technology. Using software to digitize and analyze your body's needs, we are able to diagnose and treat your specific condition with precision and accuracy.

placing acupuncture needles on body

Ready for an Acupuncture Consult?

Call us today to schedule or answer any questions at (904) 246-9955.

Acupuncture in Jacksonville Beach  |  (904) 246-9955
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