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Spinal Decompression in Jacksonville Beach

Get Your Life Back On Trac

Our non-surgical spinal traction/decompression system, named the Back-On-Trac, provides superior relief for those suffering from disc injuries (such as bulges or herniations), nerve pain (like sciatica), or arthritis/degeneration of the spine.

Unlike other spinal decompression systems, getting you setup in the chair is simple. There are no restrictive harnesses or restraints. If you can sit down, you can use the Back-On-Trac. In fact, many of our patients remark on just how comfortable the chair is to sit on.

​The stretching of the chair is gentle and effective in relieving back pain. The Back-On-Trac not only offers axial distraction, but can also flex in a uni-lateral or bilateral direction. This unique design may help to further open up compressed regions of your spine where single-plane decompression systems are lacking.

Here are some of the benefits our patients have experienced from using our spinal traction/decompression system:


Whether your back pain happened today or over 15 years ago, the Back-On-Trac has a protocol for you. In fact, it has over 20 protocols to choose from in order to create a unique treatment program for you and your condition.

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relieves pain from bulging/herniated discs

increases flexibility, mobility and ranges of motion

calms irritated/inflamed nerves

improved circulation

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